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Congratulations to Mateusz Guzik for receiving a prize for the best master thesis at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow!

Mateusz investigated scrubbing and logic redundancy methods to mitigate radiation induced errors on an image processing pipeline project. Everything on a small #zybo board. This topic was especially important to Mateusz as he is a member of AGH Space Systems #aghspace – a very strong group developing space-related technologies.

You can find the awarded thesis in the Results section

Hardware Acceleration Lab

FPGAFAIS has become a part of the Hardware Acceleration Lab – a new, cross-department entity at Jagiellonian University, originating from the Strategic Program Excellence Cluster and DigiWorld – one of the priority research area.

Hardware Acceleration Lab gathers experts from various fields connected by computing acceleration such as: GPGPU, FPGA, networking, system design, algorithm optimization.

4 research groups have been formed within the Lab:

Computing Systems: design and development of high performance computing platforms for: general HPC, online data processing infrastructure for large scale physics experiments and 5G

Hardware Acceleration on FPGAs: application of FPGAs for various computing problems for both Edge and Cloud

Programming of novel computer architectures: development and optimization of programming frameworks used for main computing problems, such as AI and simulations

Internet-Of-Things / Edge-Computing: technology and algorythmics for autonomous vehicles, sensors fusion and Edge-AI

Stereo-camera available

ZED Stereo camera from Stereolabs is available for research projects. It can be easily combined with ZCU104 and ZCU102 platforms which are powered by Zynq MPSoCs. The first one even has an example projects with step-by-step instructions for running a demo project.

The camera is used for depth perpection and motion tracking. Check out the video below:

We plan to evaluate this camera in our PET projects for tracking the patient under scan movement and real-time data corrections based on acquired values.

Hardware shelf update

Thanks to the department funding we have updated the hardware available for various projects. Do you have an idea for a project? Check out the list of boards and equipment below:

  • ZCU102 – Zynq MPSoC EG: advanced platform for all sorts of projects: networking, computing, video processing and much more


  • ZCU104 – Zynq MPSoC EV: great for advanced video processing and HPC applications


  • ZC706 – Zynq 45: Versatile platform for evaluation of System-on-Chip architectures


  • ZYBO Z7 – Zynq 20: powerful and compact platform for various entry projects


  • KC705 – Kintex 325: versatile platform for evaluation of Kintex devices


  • ZedBoard Zynq 20: universal Zynq platform for entry projects


  • ZED: stereo camera, compatible with ZCU104 platforms


  • PCAM: video camera for Zybo platforms


  • MTDS PMod: LCD screen with touch support


  • NAV PMod: 9-axis IMU sensor


  • And much more! Feel free to contact us in case you need some support


First FPGA Summer Camp has ended last Friday. We had an entire month of coding, debugging, discussing and doing research. Once again thanks to all participants!

Here are some stats:

  • 16 people have registered
  • About 10 people attended each day
  • We did projects concerning: video processing, algorithmics in HLS, neural networks and high speed networking, PS-PL communication on Zynq
  • We survived temperatures 37+ degrees
  • Only 4 pizzas were eaten



Do you have some free time during holidays and would like to check out how FPGAs work?

That’s great because we announce the summer internships!

From July 17th to August 11th at the Faculty of Physic, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science you can learn about the basics, try to develop some projects and run it on hardware. If you have some ideas but don’t have the hardware or experience you are also welcome.

Start by sending an email to grzegorz.korcyl (at)

Meeting with Digilent and Kamami

Today we had a meeting with representants from Digilent and Kamami. After presenting our hardware related activities at Jagiellonian Univeristy we have discussed potential fields for cooperation. Many thanks go to Piotr Warchoł and Karol Farbaniec for participating and presenting Garage of Complexity and Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Students Association.