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Engineering Thesis Defenses

Recently two of our colleagues have defended their thesis based on research involving FPGAs.

The first one: “Particle track recognition on FPGA devices”, by Emilia Pieczonka and

The second one: “Particle track reconstruction on FPGA devices” by Kuba Cierlik

They both are from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering from University of Science and Technology.


Founding for hardware received!

Great news! We have received additional founding from the faculty in the program DSC2016.

It is a clear sign that our effort in propagating FPGA technology as an important branch in Computer Science and Experimental Physics related projects has been noticed and appreciated.

Here’s what we’ll buy in the near future:

  • Advanced Zynq-based development kit ZC706
  • Two basic, Artix-based development kits Arty
  • 10GbE Network equipment

XCell and XCell Software Journals available

Both journals are now available for you to check out in selected seminar rooms. Latest releases will keep coming in.

According to the publisher:

Xcell Journal offers a wealth of practical engineering knowledge and in-depth coverage of the latest applications and technologies.

Xcell Software Journal offers a wealth of practical knowledge and in-depth coverage of the latest applications and methods for software and system design.

Take a look and enjoy!