JPET Controller power up!

After several ups and downs we have successfully evaluated all the key elements of the JPET Controller and the hardware is ready to use!

In just short time several test projects have been run, including mainly:

  • IBERT (Integrated Bit Error RatioTester) on all the 16x optical links
  • ZYNQ Processing Systems with DDR3 and UART-USB
  • Gigabit Ethernet Module on all the 16x optical links

Now everything is ready to start implementing tomographic data processing!

For more details about the system, please check out this link:


XCell and XCell Software Journals available

Both journals are now available for you to check out in selected seminar rooms. Latest releases will keep coming in.

According to the publisher:

Xcell Journal offers a wealth of practical engineering knowledge and in-depth coverage of the latest applications and technologies.

Xcell Software Journal offers a wealth of practical knowledge and in-depth coverage of the latest applications and methods for software and system design.

Take a look and enjoy!

JPET DAQ System up and running

A large FPGA-based Data Acquisition Systems for JPET tomograph prototype is up and running!

The system consists of 9x TRBv3 modules running in 1x Master – 8x Slaves mode, collecting data from 384 photomultipliers, delivering signals to 1536 high-resolution TDC channels.

Generated data stream is forwarded into 3x 1Gb network interfaces of a server class rack computer. We are awaiting for the founds dedicated to network upgrade to 10Gb solutions.

Great hardware and software solutions allow to display data quality histograms constructed in the real time as well as storing data for further offline processing.

For more details about the readout system, please check out the link:


New TRBv3 application: mobile PET/MRI

Yet another application of the TRBv3 Data Acquisition System!

We are currently working on introducing the platform for the readout of Multi-Pixel Photon Counters (MPPC) used in the prototpe of the PET insert developed for simultaneous PET/MR imaging of human body.

The project is carried out at FAIS by dr Marcin Zieliński who acquired a grant in LIDER project from NCBR.

Check out the link for more information: