Poster Session

Poster session

This time we want to focus on discovering your projects and building the community.

The best way to do that is in person, therefore we have prepared an elongated “poster” session. Prepare some material in any form you like, either it is a poster, slides or a demo, that will present your work. We will prepare tables to put your laptop, poster holders etc.

It is also a chance to win:

1. place: TySOM-1 – a Zynq-7000 based board and 

MAXimator – a MAX10 based board

2. place: Zybo – a Zynq-7000 based board and 

MAXimator – a MAX10 based board

3. place: MAXimator – a MAX10 based board

The hardware is provided by:



All participants will vote during the poster session and at the end the winners will be announced.

Please provide information about your requirements by email.

The posters can be in Polish or in English.

You can find a PowerPoint template under this link.

Preliminary programme:

  • “Oscilloscope based on small-size FPGA with VGA display”


  • “Realistic three-dimensional graphics accelerator using Vivado HLS for FPGA devices”


  • “FPGA based readout and preprocessing system for tomographic data”

    • inż. Karol Farbaniec (UJ)


  • “Conjugate Gradient algorithm on FPGA device”


  • “Basic 3D graphics processor implemented on small FPGA”

    • mgr inż. Kamil Panek (AGH)


  • “Visualization of tomographic data in Zynq devices”

    • mgr inż. Bartłomiej Flak (AGH)


  • “Basic 3D graphics processor implemented on small FPGA”

    • inż. Kamil Panek (AGH)


  • “Implementation of IDFT algorithm on FPGA devices”


  • “Hardware implementation of multi-scale Lucas-Kanade optical flow computation algorithm”


  • “Hardware-software implementation of a SFM module for navigation an UAV”


  • “Hardware-software vision system for the detection of safe landing sites for UAV’s”


  • “Handwritten digit recognition using Neural Networks”

    • Bartosz Konop (AGH)


  • “tANS compression algorithm”

    • Michał Znaleźniak, Szymon Pulut (UJ)
    • [abstract]


  • “Single-chip tomographic data processing platform”

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