Selected, since 2017
  1. “Towards Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics on FPGA devices”
    Submitted to Computer Physics Communications
    October 2018
    [link arXiv]
  2. “Evaluation of single-chip, real-time tomographic data processing on FPGA SoC devices”
    IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging
    May 2018
    [link Xplore – OpenAccess]
  3. “Readout electronics and data acquisition for gaseous tracking detectors”
    IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
    December 2017
    [link Xplore]
  4. “Calculation of the time resolution of the J-PET tomograph using kernel density estimation”
    Physics in Medicine and Biology
    June 2017

  5. “Design of the forward straw tube stracker for the PANDA experiment”
    Journal of Instrumentation
    June 2017


Selected, since 2017
  1. “Implementation of the conjugate gradient algorithm in Lattice QCD on FPGA devices”
    36th Annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory
    July 2018

  2. “Single-chip tomographic data processing platform”
    Total-Body PET from Mice to Men, Ghent, Belgium
    June 2018


  1. “A system for acquisition of tomographic measurement data”
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